Unlock Great Tanks and Missiles to Progress “Tank Stars”

Tank Stars is an amazing competitive tank game. With great and smooth graphics of tanks, it looks so stunning and heart-catching game to every user. Every player can play it because the controls and graphics of Tank Stars are so simple and clear. The developer of Tank Stars is Playgendary, and they have made it a perfect arcade tank game. Controls of Tank Stars are very simple, but there is one important thing that players have increased, and it is the accuracy of shooting. There are so many amazing tanks are available in the game, and with Tank Stars cheats you can unlock them all without any issues.

Unlock the tanks & missiles

It’s an addictive game, and whoever starts playing it, don’t stop to play because the concept and gameplay of Tank Stars are way too addictive from any other tank game. There are several ways in the game to unlock things, and all of these are mentioned below –

Play with friends and enemies – It is a great way to earn money and win to tanks. The major thing in this is that the tanks are so expensive, and it requires the players to shoot the enemy as much as you can. It increases the rewards and money amount to unlock the tanks.

Complete daily tasks – Daily, the game releases new tasks, and when players complete, and then there are major chances that it gives tanks as well in the rewards. There is one more way to unlock the tank and missile, and it is Tank Stars cheats, which is very easy to use & unlock.

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